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Composite Blending Program

Battle River Railway is committed to creating a viable alternative to the traditional grain handling industry. In the past, this meant helping farmers load producer cars and take control of the shipping of their board grains. Today this means something more. We are using our newly founded cooperative to capture as much value as possible for our members. The first step towards capturing as much value as possible for our members is our composite blending program.

With the generous support of the Rural Alberta Development Fund, BRR has designed and implemented a composite blending pilot project. This is the first of its kind in Alberta. Traditionally, when producers load cars, they are paid solely on the quality of grain that they ship. While great for loading grain locally and avoiding large elevation fees, this system leaves a lot of value on the table that could be captured if farmers were to combine their cars in the most efficient way. Composite blending coordinates this process, ensuring that maximum value is captured by our users.

Composite blending passes value back to our users through a number of channels:
  1. Producers know, in advance of loading, what grade they will be paid.
  2. On-farm 'virtual' blending of producers grain, to ensure that maximum value is passed back to the producer.
  3. Producers may receive better dockage and protein, as both are still determined by the Canadian Grain Commission at time of unload.
  4. On-farm inventory tracking.
  5. All the usual benefits of loading producer cars- no elevation fees, lower cleaning fees, shorter hauling distances, no elevator line-ups, supporting local business.
Add all these benefits up, and you have a compelling reason to load producer cars with BRR!

To learn more about composite blending, please contact our Grains Manager:
Matthew Enright
Office: 780-582-2493
Cell: 780-678-0327