About the BRR

The BRR is a community owned rail line located in central Alberta, Canada. Our intent is to prevent further loss of transportation and agricultural infrastructure. The BRR operates as a user-friendly short-line where producers and other interested parties are able to consider both originating and terminating freight on the line. 

The co-operative is designed in such a way that it is producer (member) run through a majority vote on the Board of Directors. At least 6 Directors on the Board, with a maximum total number of 9 Directors, must be elected from the co-operatives membership (Class A shareholders). There is an opportunity for one additional member to be added to the Board in the case that Class D shareholders comprise $300,000.00 of the total share value. If this occurs, one Class D shareholder selected from this group may be added to the Board of Directors.  In addition, one other Director may be appointed from class E shareholders if the total share value in this group exceeds $300,000.00.
The BRR received its Permanent Operating Authority from Alberta Transportation on November 10, 2010. CN delivered our first locomotive, BRR 5353, purchased from them, to Camrose on December 2, 2010. After picking up and spotting 50 cars at our six sidings on December 11, the first run was delivered back to Camrose on December 14, 2010. The photo on the right was taken at the ribbon cutting ceremony from that exciting day.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on December 14, 2010